So you have an armpit fetish like us?
Well I'm not really sure how mine started, I've thought about it and my best guess is back in high-school. Looking at the jocks and frat guys as they warmed up for track or even just relaxed outdoors in the summer...stripping off their shirts and managing to catch a glimpse of those long, silky strands of manhood that glistened in the sun. I took it further a litlle later on, any chance I got I would sneak a quick sniff of the T-shirts lying around in the locker rooms of swimming baths (I used to swim alot). As I got into my twenties I realised that I was heading for a guys pits when I was getting to know him rather than his crotch...Sure the crotch was next, I mean he did wanna get blown, but I wanted his sweaty aroma on my face before I gave him any pleasure! These days it's what I tend to look at on a guy first...His Pits - If they meet my satisfaction, my eyes hit the face, the crotch and the ass but it all starts with the pits!

So why the site? Well we all know how many guys we've seen in the street that we'd have given anything for a closer look but we knew it was impossible...I mean what possible excuse can you have to check out a guys pits....Oh yeah, I got it!
"Hey I work for 'Show Us Your Pits' can I see yours for $20 bucks?"
I tell you the first time I did it I was nervous as hell..But after a few "Yeah sure" answers I was more and more confident. Now I'm just damn right brazen about it..."Hey you! Show Us Your Pits!"

Hope you really enjoy what we've put together and who knows...maybe next time it'll be YOU we're asking!
"Keep your eyes peeled for us in your town!"
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